Physical Education

CDS places a high priority on fitness and physical wellness as critical components of education and development.

PE Classes

CDS offers daily physical fitness classes for elementary and middle school students. Preschool students have PE twice a week. Students learn how to work as a team while showing great sportsmanship; move their bodies with coordination and rhythm; and exert themselves physically while developing conditioning, strength and balance.

Middle School Team Sports

Promoting a healthy lifestyle and wellness of body and mind have always been a way of life at Charlottesville Day School. Those values are central to a growing athletics program that teaches self-control and sportsmanship.

We offer a middle school co-ed cross country team and girls and boys basketball teams that compete against local area schools. Our focus is on humility, teamwork, sportsmanship, effort and excellence.

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Classes, Clubs and Clinics

Students have a variety of fitness opportunities after school, including kickboxing classes, Powerful Women Club, basketball clinics and dance classes.