Nut Policy

  • This survey is designed to obtain information concerning life-threatening allergies.
  • No Nut Policy

    Because we have several children who have allergies to peanuts and/or tree nuts, we have a strict no nut policy. Nut allergies are serious and can result in life-threatening situations. Nut allergies can elicit reactions from ingestion, direct contact, or in some cases, airborne contact with nuts or nut products. We rely on the cooperation of the faculty, the students, and the parents of CDS to ensure that no nuts or nut products are brought to school at any time.

    No nuts or nut products are allowed at CDS at any time. For whole school events, only foods determined to be safe will be provided.

    For classroom events, teachers will notify parents in advance of foods being served and will work closely with parents to provide nut-free foods. In classrooms where there is a child with a nut allergy, only nut-free foods will be allowed. The no-nut policy will be monitored closely by school administrators and teachers to provide, to the extent possible, a safe school environment for children with allergic reactions to peanuts or any other types of nuts.

    While we do enforce our no-nut policy, we cannot guarantee that CDS is completely nut free.