Harmony: Charlottesville Day School Magazine

Our 2023 Issue

This issue of Harmony has everything from a tribute to a legendary teacher and coach to a quick profile of a bearded dragon who has taken up residence in one of our classrooms. Once again, CDS students pitched in with big contributions to the magazine, helping to plan and create several feature articles.

  • The Long Run: Celebrating 40 years of the remarkable career of teacher and coach Lance Weisen
  • Taking Stock: The five-year strategic plan is complete, but new challenges lie ahead
  • Making Of Matilda: Go behind the scenes of this year’s play with students and teachers
  • Having a Ball: An accomplished coach leads the new CDS volleyball team
  • Classroom Animals: Meet some of the creatures that add extra life to class
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Winter 2019 Issue

CDS students had the opportunity to create several articles in this edition of the magazine, doing everything from planning layout, interviewing and writing.

  • Spirit Bears: Teacher Karin Reed makes sure her class enjoys learning both in the classroom and on the road.
  • Talking Hoops: Get the inside scoop from the coach and members of the boys and girls basketball teams.
  • Wednesdays at CDS: This special day breaks up the week and adds variety and excitement to life at the school.
  • Guiding Light: A legend in the education field, Carol Tomlinson has inspired the teaching philosophy at CDS since the school’s first days.
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Spring 2019 Issue

The second edition of Harmony ranges from a look at how CDS’s youngest students learn and play to a check-in with some our alumni.

  • The Cubs: Led by Rita Moore, CDS’s youngest students capture hearts while they enjoy making their way in a big new world
  • Report Card: It’s the second year of our five-year strategic plan. Hear more about our progress toward making CDS even better.
  • The Detectives: Middle School students and Clare O’Brien eagerly explore the Classics in search of exigency.
  • Alumni Speak: High school and college students reflect on their time at CDS and how it’s prepared them for what’s next.


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Winter 2017 Issue

Our first issue of Harmony! We created the magazine to document and celebrate what we’ve accomplished together as teachers, administrators, parents, grandparents, supports and, of course students.

  • Townley Cole: Celebrating her 50th year of teaching, Townley Cole brings heart and wisdom to her Panda Bear classroom.
  • Strategic Plan: As CDS begins its second decade, the school looks to build on its strengths and explore new territory.
  • The Voice of Gus: The story of how Gus Wise learned to sing after years of trying reveals volumes about the CDS culture.
  • Memory Lane: Education doesn’t only happen inside a classroom. Karin Reed looks back at one such experience.
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