Mark Kramer

Mark is happy to be a part of the Faculty as guitar instructor and teacher of Guitar Ensembles. He is a native of North Carolina and has a B.A. from Guilford College. Soon after graduation Mark moved to Seattle and formed the folk rock band, UnRelated. Mark moved to Atlanta in 1995 and formed the band Houndog, which performed in the Southeast and recorded two albums of original material. Houndog grew into The Last Waltz Ensemble in 2001, and became a national act that he continues to work with. He also recorded a solo album before moving to Charlottesville in 2011. Mark’s teaching strengths are songwriting, performance of whole songs (singing and lead work), and collaboration within a group. He enjoys sharing the history and passion of music with his students. In his free time, he enjoys exploring Charlottesville and traveling with his wife, and spending time with their dogs.