Katie Hickson

Katie is a former Echols Scholar at the University of Virginia where she earned both her undergraduate degree and her Masters of Teaching. She joined the CDS community in 2010, and she combines her love of math with her talent for creating engaging, meaningful learning experiences. While working on her Masters degree, Katie studied differentiated instruction and curriculum design for high ability learners in the Gifted Education department of the Curry School of Education. Prior to teaching at CDS, Katie taught middle school students as part of UVa’s Saturday and Summer Enrichment Programs. Katie has had training in a variety of approaches to math in the middle grades, including the College Board’s Springboard Pre-AP Math curriculum, Michigan State University’s Connected Mathematics program, and Stanford Professor of Mathematics Education Jo Boaler’s philosophy of math education. Katie also continues to serve in her role as CDS’s Project Specialist, photographing students learning in action, creating web content, and designing print projects for CDS special events and marketing materials. She also works on the Admissions team with Stacey.